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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Advertisements is Psychological Manipulation

The Advertisements on Television, billboards, magazines and other forms of media in my personal opinion is simply psychological manipulation.

To explain my stance on the issue I'd like to explain the purpose of advertisements.The purpose of advertisements is the persuade someone that they are in ''need'' of the companies product(s) This product could be anything that naturally Humans don't need or crave. The first type of adverts try to make people feel inadequate (won't be cool, ''up-to-date'' etc) if they don't buy the latest smart phone.

The second type of advertisement are the ones that humans naturally crave including food, water, drinks and basic home furniture. However in these advertisement the company will make the products more appealing by over-sexualising it, using seductive voice overs or by using famous people.

The video above depicts Cheryl Cole moving around the set in a seductive manner - this is important as it suggests to a viewer subconsciously that buying this brand of hair colouring will make one more sexier and appealing. Also the person depicted (Cheryl Cole) is important, she is a celebrity fuss in the public's consciousness she's seen as superior to the majority populace.  

''Colour power'' is even written in the bottom left of the video to convey that colouring your hair is powerful and will somewhere meet your ''need'' of colouring your hair. This need encourages self-hate which can manifest itself into low self esteem, depression and suicide if conditions in the individual is ripe for it. 

Though the advertisement on the surface is harmless watching many different thousands of advertisements that make us feel like we are in ''need'' of a product will make us feel perpetually inadequate. 

Advertisements are making large proportions of the population feel inadequate with their bodies too, take this advert from Batchelors..

The product at hand is well, tomato soup but has so much sexual undertones towards it? With British reality star Joey Essex showing off his defined body. Is that needed? NO!

Throughout a lifetime Humans will soak up these advertisements feelings of inadequacy, need, self-hate, desire to acquire needless products or attain to ridiculous standards will dominate a person's life. The epidemic of mental health issues such as; low self esteem, depression, anxiety and more are directly linked with this correct wave of psychological manipulation through so called advertisements that we are flooded with daily.

In my ideal world advertisements would be extensively regulated? What do you think? 

Monday, 27 June 2016

Are The Elites psychopathic? Part One

So the question today is ''Are the elites psychopathic''?

Firstly lets see what makes a psychopath;
''traditionally defined as a personality disorder characterized by enduring antisocial behavior, diminished empathy and remorse, and disinhibited or bold behavior.'' 
Lets see the evidence for the elites being psychopathic...

Governments are able to kill hundreds of thousands of people during imperialistic wars like the current Syrian civil war. Bombs strikes that kill innocent civilians are called ''collateral damage'' and the true numbers of civilians that die from these bombs are largely hidden from us. However according to the UN 400,000 innocent Syrians have died during the past 5 years of war against Islamic state a terrorist Organisation that was trained and funded by the United States government. Western governments are extremely hypocritical and psychopathic; during a US led airstrike 52 civilians were killed but of course the war is about combating Islamic state which may I repeat again was funded and trained by the United States government. One drone operator from Montana explains how he was ordered to kill innocent Men, Women and Children.

The elites are also responsible for the massive increase in chronic diseases in Western Countries.

Firstly, our diets especially in western developed countries are very poor, we consume high amounts of sugar which has drug-like properties, caffeine (an actual drug), Aspartame, large amounts of toxic protein in the form of Meat, Poultry and fish.

Scientific community have known for years if not decades now that the consumption of too much Protein from animals heightens the risk of Humans developing chronic illnesses like Diabetes, Cancers and heart disease. The high cancer rate in the west is directly linked to our high meat consumption whereas places such as; China or India the cancer rate is much lower because they eat far less protein from Animals. Instead they eat a diet rich in Vegetables and starches. The pharmaceutical industry benefit from our poor diet as they can get rich off us buying medicine or undertaking chemo-therapy for cancer. Surely if the elite weren't psychopaths they would try their best to change the diet of the population to one that wouldn't create so much diseases?

To get more information about this click here where you'll find an abundance of information about proper nutrition.

In the UK our current conservative government since first being elected in 2010 had a scheme to cut the welfare department (and many other departments) these welfare cuts significantly affected poor people. This led to  a significant increase in food banks across the United Kingdom in the 6th richest Country in the World this is outrageous.

So governments/elitists hide proper nutritional information from us that directly increase chronic diseases, they kill small children while at the same time manage to sleep at night? Isn't that just a little psychopathic?